Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is Summer Solstice 2011

Our natural state is freedom.  Freedom in ourselves, living on in all of our children, requires us to grasp within and find the eyes of our soul__  and recognize our true self.  To allow ourselves to fold completely into each self there waiting patiently for that Shift we are going to make.  The world changes un-naturally around us right now and challenges us to become dynamic with the sbutle energetic tools of healing we have developed since 1987; since learning how to leave our bodies.   We have to return to them and be among all communities of People, with our sleeves rolled up and ready to build the new way of life in healing and evolution of ourselves and our planet.   There was never a serious mention of anything less than the hardest of the work!  So! Here are the fear soaked challenges of survival and your reason for being here. 

Our GrandMothers, our GrandFathers: the Indigenous Ancestors across the planet gave us the knowing that we ARE nature, not apart from it.  It is an unbreakable companionship, it teaches us the connection of Oneness that is our mutual existence.   

Dream and build!  Happy Summer Solstice, at 1:16pm

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