Friday, June 3, 2011

Are you a Medicine Maker?

Out of a bright sunrise, violet sunbeams flooded the land giving him passage onto Turtle Island and he began walking.  He walked across the land through all the elements, his face growing careworn, his raven hair becoming silver white.  He walked and walked, his purpose kept alone within his heart.  He grew tired and ill, the starlight faded from his eyes, the mirthful smile began to droop.  He came upon a village seeking comfort and then care.  At the totem of the Hawk he asked for food, but they saw his sickness, became afraid and turned away from him.  And so it was from the totems of Badger, Turtle, Wolf and on...until he came to the end of the village, to the totem of the Bear.  The old woman cooked a fine smelling stew.  Before he could speak she turned and saw him.  He looked ill and tired so she asked him, "Would you like some dinner to fill you up?"  He told her he would, and asked more of her, "Would you let me stay til I feel better?"  The old Bear woman didn't hesitate, she took him in. 
In the morning she could see he was worse and she fretted.  "Tell me how I can help you?"  The Old One smiled within and asked her to go to the wood and retrieve some plant allies to prepare for him.  She did as he asked.  He watched her prepare the plants and was encouraged to hear her speak to the plant allies, to nurture her preparations, to give care and thanks to them.  He watched her movements, heard the prayers she sent, the pictures she made in her Medicine to bring him good health.   He smiled openly and accepted the Medicine with humble thanks to her.  In the morning when she woke, she came out into her lodge to see how the Old One has passed the night.  She was astonished and joyful to find him healed.  "You are well!  You must be lonely for your family, will you leave me now?"  The Old One smiled, his face shone as the starlight returned to his eyes, his hair shinned with a raven black luster in blue and the glow of GrandFather Sun  surrounded him.  The old woman was stunned, before her stood a beautiful blue Kachina from the Star Nations.   And he told her, "When the Nations need healing, they will turn to the clan of the Bear for comfort and restoration.  You carry a healing Medicine in your heart and all the Nations will know you for it.  I will always be with you, Medicine Maker."  

The story talks to us about honoring our hearts' and letting others judge.  Seek out the right guidance!  I've always found it within myself somewhere... somewhere past the judgment, the fear, the jealousy or the contempt.   There is no tool that can substitute for right thoughts and right actions.  Kindness, I think, especially now, matters most.  If you can honestly make that Medicine, you can heal anything. 

The wonderous works of art come from these beings: K. Henderson for the masculine beauty, Howard Terpning for the feminine.

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