Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in the body.

We have spent so many years developing our "lightbody's"... the tools to affect an energetic resonance that unifies, in toto, human consciousness, brings us a planetary consciousness, that many of us are not fully in the body any longer.   We are now challenged to bring a balance to our ability to walk between worlds and bring ourselves fully into the body... kindness is the best tool we have to make that happen.  Practicing simply kindness resonates the specific energetic standard that keeps us in that evolving integrity while also keeping us in the body. We understood that a unifying consciousness would manifest in the material world; and it has... welcome to the planetary consciousness: the internet.  Time has accelerated so much that we are challenged to keep our integrity of mind... in peace.  We are so used to working on ourselves in several 'other' dimensions that we are now sometimes blind to the shift as it is already happening before our eyes.  It is here! in the mundane, material world manifesting as the "Arab morning" of peaceful revolution by whole societies that have been brutally repressed / oppressed for generations.   It is in the vast new technologies being gifted to us in almost monthly (now) advances.   While the greed of Corporation Earth consumes the well being of so many, the awakened *us* are really doing our best to keep pace and remember who we are.  The trouble is, perhaps we have been out of the body in preparation of these changes / evolution so long that we are unaware of the real changes happening around us Now.  And the challenge we have to reach out into our local communities to "help" usher in a New Age.   We have to make Hope the residence of our electro-magnetically magnificent hearts!  Keeping our hearts' open is the key to all that is happening now.   Self forgiveness and forgiveness itself it the key to our experiencing the evolution ongoing.   This short film is a wonderful representation of our moment in time.
DAUGHTERS OF ISIS Maya T'zolking Oils that can assist with grounding into the body and meeting the challenges at this time:

IK {eek’} Oil
There is a Spirit within all things.  The Maya described this fusion of breath as Ik, the intrinsic motion of existence.  Through the lens of Ik we confirm our supernatural existence in awakening to the reciprocal nature of the Light sustaining us and we comprehend it as essential information telling us the stories of all existence.  Our responsive nature is born in awakening to this understanding.  We become spontaneous.  Ik is the glyph of insight into:
- Your impulse to reach outward for knowledge
- Inspiration from the your higher Nature
- Relieving any doubt about your Spiritual Nature
- Developing your ability to live in the moment
     Ik introduces the subtly of Spirit in fragrance with Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Geranium and Sweetgrass oil.  Use your Ik Oil to help you understand the resonance of the Divine in you and to vacate any feelings of isolation.

MEN {men} Oil
I am Home.  Men triggers that exciting time of reunion with your Home, the living planet.  As Men resonates into your consciousness, you can establish a new relationship with the living Earth.  Mayan communities (in harmony with all Indigenous communities) share a kinship consciousness with the planet.   Earth is your Home.  Your neighborhood is thesolar system.  Your community is the Milky Way galaxy.  Your world is the expanding Universe, demonstratively multidimensional.
     Men excites your desire to be included in this transcendental consciousness!  Men will guide you into intimate experiences with your Home, often revealing the many incarnations you have spent here.  Your intentions to evolve and positively shift the moment towards Light make a difference!  Realizing the vast resonance of your existence in the planetary field renews your hope.  Hope is a primary catalyst of planetary change.  Hope sets your intentions and simple intentions resonate outwardly through the morphogenic fields surrounding you changing everything! The living planet
holds all of this conformation within the structure of it’s subtle fields of consciousness.  Reunion with the planetary consciousness awakens your sacred compassion, the tool of planetary healing.  The glyph of Men unfolds a new understanding of:
- A personally developed sacred compassion & empathy with the planet
- Perceiving the magnetic fields of the planet holding planetary consciousness
- Grasping the present evolution of the planetary – global community
- Recognizing planetary vortexes, leys, elemental-magnetic nadis & planetary subtle bodies
- Acknowledgment of your personal Akashic record connected to planetary evolution
     Men Oil is a consciousness shifting fragrance created using the penetrating Medicines of Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Mugwort, Fir, Spikenard, Wild Chamomile and Oakmoss.  Use your Men Oil generously to bring body and Spirit into unity with the planetary fields! 

ETZNAB {eets’nab} Oil
I am absolutely Responsible for Myself!  Etznab challenges you to take responsibility for yourself as conscious luminescence ceaselessly transmigrating with a supreme gift: Individuality within All That Exists, a mirror reflection of your creation.  Etznab initiates the opportunity to embrace your polarities, to experience an intimate journey into your Shadow Self and to glimpse Your Highest Self.  Meditation with Etznab encapsulates the mystery school of journeying into your darkness and facing the challenge of transmuting your fear issues into the gifts they hold for you.  Etznab is a dissonance, a signal that demands your attention.  If you ignore it, it becomes a constant hum underlying everything
surrounding you.  While you express polarity as an essential tool of judgement, the dissonance of Etznab brings your focus to those polarities within emanating specifically from your fear issues.  Etznab prompts you to encounter and resolve your past in your Now.  The self forgiveness you grasped working with Cimi prepared you for approaching this multidimensional Self Healing.
     To bring your unique gifts to expression, you must encounter and resolve their mirror reflection within yourself. Emotion is a key to defining your Shadow Self.  Unreasonable fear, avoidance, mistrust, even the ghosts of these emotions are the path to your Shadow.  Once defined, the Shadow Self is exposed as the sum of fear based issues, often encompassing many lifetimes.  A formidable force of unresolved fears in person!  It requires your greatest courage and trust to face this Self.  Equally, the gifts resulting in the resolution of your fears perpetuating this Self are uniquely special.
Example:  Your lies are creating a dissonance of mistrust and disappointment around you, hurting people you love.
Resolution:   You are a gifted storyteller who heals through the inspiration of your words.    
Our fears hold our most potent gifts for healing.  Etznab brings us this rejuvenating illumination.  Align within using the glyph of Etznab to illuminate:
- Journeying to & resolving your fear issues
- Utilizing the untapped resource of inner strength reserved by your Shadow Self
- Realizing & taking responsibility for the effective-ness of your actions / You are the pebble in the pond!
     Etznab Oil is an electric, quicksilver scent preparing and enabling your senses for transcension of the physical into the subtle where you will encounter your Shadow Self.  Black Pepper stimulates, Spearmint awakens, Mugwort guides, Birch recognizes inner truth, Clary Sage advises and Copal retains the goodness in delicate balancing fragrance.

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