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The Sensual Response: to full lunar blood red eclipse

Take a gander!  A total lunar eclipse AND it's a blood red moon.

Notably, the first recorded significant total eclipse with the “blood red moon” was related in the myth of Isis’ search for and restoration of Osiris.  Interesting, eh?  It foretold of his ‘re-member-ing’ by the Mother Isis.  But the fully eclipsed blood red moon figures prominently in regeneration god stories of every culture.  Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl is the viable regen god of the moment. Another interesting fact, like Kon Tiki (a Peruvian contemporary brother reg god), Kukulcan is believed to actually be the visiting Osiris.  The Red and then Blue Kachina’s of the Hopi People.  One thinks kindly of Van Dankien and his alien astronaut theme for Pacal Votan’s sarcophagus lid.  Could be!  So, there’s THAT – just prior to the return of the regeneration god, the full lunar eclipse blood red appears in the skies to forecast of his coming, it helps if there is a comet to scratch the night skies a month before. Seems like we did have that?   (me own personal $ is on the Once and Future King!)

Suggested scents of preparation:
Cedar leaf / thuja with rose attar: IMIX to the Maya.  A brand new serpentine / back to basics reptilian mind survival cleansing!   Good for the Yang! 
Copal or frankincense combined with Artemisia or mugwort (American):  Fresh and cleansing.  We are talking about letting it all go and beginning again here! 
However: take note, since 1989 we have enjoyed successive eclipse / blood red moons… many!  A bit more drama would be the biblical: Acts 2:20 (KJV) The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come.  We’ve enjoyed eclipses of sun and moon in regularity for years, now.   Or haven’t you noticed?  The energy radiating from them has kicked the spin into the a socio-political and agricultural – elemental rock and roll show on good ole planet Earth!   The Jewish Talmud (book of tradition/interpretation) says, "When the moon is in eclipse, it is a bad omen for Israel. If its face is as red as blood, [it is a sign that] the sword is coming to the world."   - Could explain some of the bullshit from the Knesset.
But here’s a killer: we experienced a blood red full eclipse to prior to the economic failure: February 21, 2008.  

Suggested scents of contemplation:
Angelica rt:  Invigorating circulation, strengthening the heart and best damn remedy for a sore throat!  The scent of Angelica root asks us to focus and for a mental commitment.  Archangelic scents are often sensual task masters!   
Peppery Tree Orchid absolute oil:  Magnificently fresh and sweetly floral, this sensual nectar encourages your follow through integrity on thoughts ... it enables us to reach down deep or way out there... eh?  A scent that penetrates the Unseen within.  That's a hellava contemplation! 

Essentially, any eclipse powers down the influences of the given body; sun or moon.  It’s a power down and then power back up new.  IT’S A REBOOT.  And we have had an unprecedented number of them since the early 90’s.   Time acceleration… look how quickly events unfold and advances in technology have taken place.  Our communications have developed to the point of a world wide hook up… global consciousness.  Far fucking out, no?  Look what we as individuals are able to do!  Speak to the entire world!   Think about it.  These sky notations of evolving humanity and planet Earth can be seen from yin / yang or positive / negative collection of events and proceeding issues.  There is a good chance you are being stimulated to face your inner obstacles for an old fashioned shamanic meet and greet in order to purify and begin anew.  It's bound to stimulate many aforeto hidden emotions and desires.  Consider it a gifting of the gods... they challenge us right now to evolve beyond our past... it's time to dust of "Hamlet's Mill" and re-calculate with cosmic shamanism and astrological responsibility!  We are in Aquarius, the Age of Knowledge.  We are finished with learning processes from the previous Age of Belief.  Tinker toys!  We are growing up!  OCCUPY THAT!  We've traveled through 26,000 years, a single Great Year of visiting and tangling up with each constellation in our skies and now we stand in the new age of Aquarius.  Begin again! REBOOT!  GrandMother Mother Moon is providing some very fancy reminders.   

Sensual lunar reminders that can be very sexually exotic cleansers:
Genet (Broom):  O boy!   Hard to find but so delicious...It's very different to smelling the flower. A little bit like sweet hay (foin coupe') crossed with tuberose with a tobacco tint running throughout. Very powerful and a heady scent that is unusual and really pleasing on the senses.  Gets one "in the mood" ... ya follow?    
Ylang Ylang Extra:  (an excellent combination with Genet btw)  Exotic, tropical, open invitation to explore!  There is ancient lore to ascribe; Ylang Ylang will dispel jealousy... a wonderful social tool... no?  It eases us away from frustration and whispers "go ahead" with some conviction.  Great stuff!  I use it UP!  Pair it with Magnolia flower and you have a distinctive sensual connection to GrandMother Moon!  

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A piece of magic here:

Below are some of the astrological notices of the season from Barbara Hand Clow:

Sagittarius New Moon: November 25, 2011  
1:10 AM EST; Washington, DC

The New Moon in Sagittarius has arrived! It is a subtle partial eclipse that encourages us to go within to discover the spiritual fire. This lunation is quiet and meditative, so it could be easy to just pass it by. Meanwhile, it is an optimal time to strengthen our multidimensional connections, since this New Moon culminates in a very intense total lunar eclipse on December 10. This will inspire a huge reality shift when the world realizes that the huge changes already in gear cannot be stopped. Those who follow these readings know the Mayan Calendar influence has culminated, and now we flow into 2012 seeking a whole new relationship with Earth. In this sense, 2012 is as important as the wild Universal Underworld time acceleration just completed on October 28, 2011. As we prepare for more great shifts, this New Moon is the perfect homeopathic remedy to wake up our cells; the coming times require cellular intelligence, the ultimate form of human unity.

This New Moon and some comments about the Full Moon offers some reflections on October 28, the first New Moon after the Calendar's completion. I think astrological factors are going to have a greater influence on our species now that growth driven by the World Tree has completed. Gerry and I been part of a few groups during the Universal Underworld, and we taught two workshops on November 17 and 19, which really helps us know how people are feeling. Most everybody thinks something really happened during 2011, even though it is hard to define and describe it. The fall of so many world leaders, radical scientific theoretical shifts, and the gyrating world economies strongly support Carl Calleman's theory as well as the McKenna brother's Timewave Zero, which also ends at the end of 2011. A directive evolutionary process has completed itself, and we are poised to live differently, yet we don't know what that will be. This New Moon report offers some sense of direction by also including the Full Moon that follows on December 10. Both are needed in this case; Mercury turns retrograde half a day before this New Moon and then goes direct right after the Full Moon; and Uranus is still retrograde during the New Moon, and then goes direct a few hours before the Full Moon. Mercury retrograde pulls our awareness deep within to shed light on the inner truths, while Uranus direct in 0 Aries is the mover and shaker of reality fields. Finally, the Full Moon's T-square with Mars at the head resolves the New Moon T-square with Mars squaring the dark Moon, so Mars must be examined in both charts.

First considering the culmination of the World Tree influence, Calleman noted on November 8, "Unity consciousness manifests primarily in the absence of dominance especially in the world's economical and political systems." ["The Mayan Calendar Has Come to an End" on]. The breakdown of male dominance this year has been spectacular, and now people are struggling for new ways to lead and follow, a crisis that is the most visible in Egypt. Exactly on October 28, the British monarchy scrapped male succession; Euro leaders asked China to come to their aid; Exopolitics announced that Bush and Blair would be tried for war crimes in Kuala Lumpur; a super-hacker sucked out the data of 760 of the world's largest corporations and stored it away for future use; and the exposure of an abusive football coach was rising to the surface at the venerable Penn State University. These events are all major breakdowns of dominant systems, and the events in science on the 28th are the most astonishing. Exactly on that day, physics announced that the Faster-than-Light Neutrino experiment was to be rerun, and if the results were the same, Einstein's Relativity Theory would have to be challenged by physics. On November 17, the experiment was rerun and the results confirmed the original findings. This is a primary sign of a breakthrough beyond Quantum Theory to Multidimensional Theory, probably Superstring Theory. Also exactly on that final day, cold fusion produced energy in Andrea Rossi's E-Cat Cold Fusion Laboratory. These new possibilities for producing energy are huge, since the Universal Underworld opened with the destruction of the Fukashima Nuclear Plant in Japan, the death knell of nuclear power.

If you've been feeling peculiar since the Calendar ended, please register that the accelerated events of 2011 are creating fundamental cracks and warps in reality! We can all feel this and it takes time to adjust. The cold fusion experiment especially caught my eye because the first successful cold fusion reaction accomplished by Fleishman and Pons in mid-March 1989 was connected to major Maya ceremonial work that I participated in. The Global Elite dunned Fleishman and Pons's successful energy creation and then stole their results, yet this happened during "Maya Initiatic 1989," when Hunbatz Men created a three-week ceremonial cycle for planetary stability. Hunbatz sure knew what he was doing because as we started our work near Palenque in the jungle, massive solar flares knocked out power up north and the first cold fusion succeeded while we were working in the sacred caves of Lol Tun. Then when we completed our ceremonies at Chitzen Itza, the asteroid 1989 FC flew so low over the Yucatan that we could hear the sky imploding! The energy coming to the planet in March 1989 was greater than anything I have ever experienced, and I think these same forces are to be created by the Sun and cosmic influences during 2012. As usual, Hunbatz continues to be right in the flow, as during October 2011 he traveled to American sacred sites with crystal skulls, just when cold fusion was happening again! We all have to be highly conscious and remember to breathe, since now it is time to examine the fields we will be playing in during this New Moon that culminate in a total lunar eclipse.

The New Moon is 3 degrees Sagittarius expresses very fresh and potent spiritual fire, which is intensified by the lunar North Node, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius with Venus right on the Galactic Center. This New Moon intensifies our feelings about our spiritual identity; the North Node gives us spiritual direction and intent, Mercury inspires spiritual thoughts and expressive words, and Venus opens us to the influence of the Galactic Center. Galactic gamma rays, light rays, and star emanations shower Earth in a veritable bath of universal intelligence. The events on October 28 show significant destructions of male dominant patterns, and during this New Moon, waves of Sagittarian energy will sicken abusers with awareness of the great pain they inflict on their victims. These lights in Sagittarius bring us great clarity as they pierce reality with the sword of truth. Change happens at the quantum level with waves collapsing into particles that carry new thoughts since matter is not solid, and there are times when even physical forms can transmute instantaneously. During the workshop in Portland, for example, we were informed that the new Keeper of the ninth dimension is the Super Galactic Center, so anything is possible now!

The New Moon is the top of a T-square to Mars in 7 Virgo opposite Neptune in 28 Aquarius and Chiron in 1 Pisces. Normally, this opposition would be a bit wide to be influential, but the New Moon in 3 Sagittarius pulls it together, so I'll read it. Mars in 7 Virgo is a pack of structured transformational power that entices and activates the wounded healer, Chiron, to deliver Neptune's spiritual guidance. Then this potent and activated spiritual delivery force is seeded into our minds and hearts by the New Moon in Sagittarius. This energy builds up to the Full Moon when the Moon in 18 Gemini on the South Node opposes the Sun in 18 Sagittarius on the North Node. Mars in 13 Virgo squares the nodal axis, which directs and releases the mutable powers of the Full Moon. These patterns with Mars and the eclipses penetrate into cellular and quantum dynamics that alter probability dynamics. These changing fractals shine rays of light onto completely new solutions that nobody even imagines right now. This is how the new creative potential of our species arrives, and this process is actually visible in this T-Square activating the New Moon. Simply put, the New Moon will implant a seed of fiery creative power that will be unleashed like a pack of totally free wild horses running free in the light of the Full Moon.

Nothing is going to harness the switching in quantum probability fields going on for two full weeks. Like solidifying ruby-red Jell-O, these oscillating fields will respond to waves emanating from our hearts, so intend what you desire. All the other planets are in league with the lunation, except for unaspected Mercury, which has just gone dormant in retrograde motion. Floundering male dominant controllers will just sputter and howl, as they find they have no words for their rage when their treats are withheld. New paths coming in will not be blocked, because Mars in 7 Virgo trines Jupiter in 2 Taurus trines Pluto in 6 Capricorn. This magnificent grand trine in Earth grounds and absorbs the new creativity that is flowing into Earth: It suggests that the world financial structures will not collapse totally because unexpected levels of support arrive that ease the transition into more fairness and equality. Uranus in Aries exactly trines the lunation, so the Sagittarian creative powers are unleashed without blocks. Uranus squares Venus on the Galactic Center, which activates high galactic intelligence for the great work of Earth. The creative potential of this chart is almost unlimited, because it is so beautifully supported by the grand trine in Earth and so powerfully activated by the trine to the lunation from Uranus in Aries.

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