Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Goddess & The Gulf of Mexico

In the Caribbean we call Her Yamaya... she is an Ifa Goddess, Orisha of the Sea.  Through Africa, all of the Americas and in the Caribbean Islands she is the Living Ocean, the Mother of Pearls.  She is a force of Nature and she is the Goddess who whispers the sweetness of mother love as vast as the seas.  In her embrace we are imbibed with radiant health and then cradled in care as we diminish in physical life.  As oil gushes from the bottom of the sea unstoppable and filthy, it is Yemaya who is being defiled and her wrath is unimaginable.  Who of us can imagine the death of the seas?  So we reach towards her:

Lady deep and sweet,
black jeweled eyes of sister shark
endless heart heard through a whale song,
your laughter in the dolphin speak...
Thundering depths of massive strength and timelessness
small curling waves gently laying goodness on the shoreline;
Lady deep and sweet,
hear our grief and feel our mourning tragedy, know our penetance, 
and awaken to to our calamity!
Open the resource of your Olokun___ 
open the abyss up to grasp back, its' black blood.   
And bring us final awareness of the crude oil death we court. 

Let me go down to the sea in old clothes
and enter good waters of life
Let me go down to the sea to find my mother
who travels the gulf steam
Her ashes poured out there, white stones of Light
Let me go down to sea in old clothers
and enter the waters of life. 
When I leave, I leave in white cloth
I leave with heart renewed and filled.
Let me go down to sea to see my mother,
let me lay beside her and remember myself.

Yemaya is a mother resonance, understood as a force of Nature, the sea.  Her watery element signals our emotional aspects.... in reaching out to Yemaya we ask to her to mend our broken heart, to keep ourselves free from harm, to heal us from terrible sickness and help us relieve us in our mourning of the Gulf of Mexico.  May she not turn away from us.

Yemaya, Sea Goddess:
A blend of sweet coconut
attar of roses
cool blue cypress
and beautiful, exotic, pink lotus.

The Goddess blesses Little Louie Vega...
who makes the island drums beat for the Goddess!  bumptibumpbump! 


Anonymous said...

Awesome poetry-tribute to the ocean! Cool music and artwork too! I SO feel ya!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Thanks so much Deborah! Thanks for stopping by... hope to see you again. ghb