Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Medicine... Ceremony mist....

As I promised on my mirror blog..."on the bench"... I'm going to produce a series of informal video's to demonstrate how I work at making your oil blends, mists, body butters, soaps and incense.  The is the first installment, really, a first run (if you will... and yes, I know I need a make-up / hairdresser! geesh, like that's going to honestly happen with the blender!!??) and I hope for some commentary or comeback.  Without any further fluff ... here is the blender making Medicine Ceremony for you!

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Four Dinners said...

My wifey is becoming addicted to your blog.

Just so yer know!

Mind you...she doesn't half smell nice!!!

(not that she ever didn't mind)..;-)

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well hello there 4D, my friend! Fancy running into to you among the metie physical blogs..! LOL

I'm doing up a series of videos on how I do the voodou I do... as you can see, my opening pics are very raw. But I'm working on it!

If your wife should ever want to try out some of my wares, she can find them in Glastonbury... with Trevor and Liz at Witchcraft LTD and they have a couple of shops on the High St now... old friends and seriously good people. They'll buy you a drink! As would I. And you can also tell her that if she would like to see all of my 'wares' it's
my full catalog is online there ...
Nice of you to stop and leave a note. Awful nice... really. :-)