Friday, April 15, 2011

Intensity is the watchword.

On March 9th, as the last cycle  of Maya Universal Underworld clicked in, tectonics shifted and a 7.5 hiccup of the oncoming tsunami and Great Quake rumbled in the sea off Sendi Japan for the 11th.  The world is mad and in the midst of a consciousness transformation as the Earth Mother speaks out elementally to bring balance back.  Permaculture, anyone?  
We have come into the cycle of Earth Changes.  People are going to surprisingly and shockingly disappear and ascend through physical death, or perhaps even ascend in ways we've yet to encounter.  How much this translates into how the Earth Mother will elementally respond or react...  well, we are on the edge of nuclear disaster in Japan while the world yearns for social freedom and responsible leadership throughout repressed societies.  We are witnessing chaos in the consciousness of the planet.  It's painful, fearsome and delusional...easy to take our mind off the goal of transformation of the planet and all living on it. 
Incredibly, on Wed. the 23rd of March, just after Vernal Equinox and entry into Maya Universal Underworld or the last cycle of Ahau in the T'zolkin... Jose' Arguelles, Earth Day founder, the observer of Harmonic Convergence and the author of The Mayan Factor / Earth Ascending (check out the Noosphere diagram)... he who brought the 13 moon calendar into being for the present day... crossed over into the afterlife.  His physical body died.  Jose' was a pioneer in Mayan time codes and the great Maya story of our evolution.  His presence ensured our awareness of the significance the Classical Maya.  He was, as the P's are fond of saying, a systems' buster!  Revolutionary art, symbolism, teachings .... the great INSIGHT was his.  My own path in life was directly influenced by his vision... and his houses of sensual awakening through this planetary transformation.  I miss him while I never actually met him... he was of great influence.  I didn't always understand or agree with his vision, yet; I understood his brilliance and he helped me to find myself.  How can you ever thank anyone for that kindness? 

The Maya proclaim that this Spring we are facing the ultimate cleansing and awareness of our visualizations and intentions... because they have not so much elasticity, our intentions and thoughts are manifest, now.   Remembering that we are programed by an ancient catastrophe in 11,500 BCE (the last Ice Age) that keeps us in fear of Earth Changes we must find our individual ways into relaxing with this flow.  Not that you should just sit back and expect ascension or watch it all go by!  No no no.  You must make your own unique choices in grounding a new Earth.  

The transformation of the planet is a group grope.  We're all in: the birds, the bees, the politicians, the healers, the seers, the surgeons, the dolphins and crude filled Gulf of Mexico or the Japan a glowing and melting into the sea.  We must find our own unique harmonic in this.  Balancing the Earth Mother as we balance ourselves.  It's not just a 144,000 kind of proposition.  It's all of us, even the un-aware.  The unacceptable pain of the Japanese, the unthinkable corruption of profiteering politicians and despots, the double down bet ya can't intensity of it all that is almost a daily do now... is probably just the beginning of the ride.  But not to pun but to say; Yes We Can

What kinds of sensual tools will help us adjust and align during this time?  That's the question.

A scent that promotes elasticity and keeps you grounded during extreme transitions: 
Wormwood: *of course, you knew this would be here!*  qualities of wormwood that will assist you during extreme transitions; it is a digestive tonic - relief for the gall bladder, liver, expels parasites and can banish fleas.  This is an abortifacient and dangerous to use in any large quantity.  However; aromatically is is stimulant to the mother serpent energies that open our survival skills up for challenge and demonstration.  It's scent attracts 'the dead' for psychic service, so said.  However; as we face days of multidimensional penetration - wormwood will sensually open patheways and guide you towards communication and connection between worlds.   Maya T'zolkin Oil: BEN oil    Goddess / GrandMother Oil: CERIDWEN oil    God / GrandFather Oil: ANUBIS oil

A scent to address emotional retardation and the inability to face the darkness within / *our deepest issues* / and transform or transmute it into new healing demonstrations.  
Mimosa:  known as the girdle of the bowels (it is a remedy for diarrhea) this woodsy floral promotes strength of character and fragrantly urges you towards taking the risk of peeking into the dark!  A global scent, Mimosa absolute *wax or viscous liquid* brings purification and the ability to prognosticate.  These attributes invite you to look and see what it is that could be holding you hostage to fear and ultimately facing it.  This scent before others, at this time, is Mother Earth's helper.  Maya T'zolkin Oil: ETZNAB oil   Goddess / GrandMother Oil:  SPIDER GRANDMOTHER oil     God / GrandFather Oil: THOTH oil

A scent to embrace planetary consciousness while addressing the resolution of planetary corporation profiteering.   We use amazing technology to experience the remarkable manifestation of planetary consciousness; the internet!  Keep this mind. 
Mugwort *artemisa*:Madam Mugwort~!  The lady has entered the glade.  Mugwort is a woman's herbe traditionally... even though John the Baptist wore himself a girdle of the leaves when he lone traveled the wilderness.... mugwort can address menstral pain, taken as tea, the oil used topically on the abdomen.  Never! use during pregnancy.  It is abortive and cleansing.  A purifier.  The Witch's herbe to burn for clearing the way between worlds, it is a green, inviting and mind strengthening scent.  In it's bittersweet fragrance we encounter a determination to  accomplish the task, to make a difficult choice, to risk whatever there is to loose, to embrace the ultimate transformation.  Maya T'zolkin Oil:  MEN oil.  Goddess / GrandMother Oil:  LADY OF THE LAKE oil
God / GrandFather Oil:  KUKULCAN oil


ximena said...

Gwen, Great blog! Lots there to soak up and assimilate.
Here's something I think is important and I thought it might add to your inspiration too.
I love what you do and your acknowledgement of how important it is in the fabric of this amazing time! Thanks!!! Llewelyn

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Ta Llewelyn! Much appreciate you stopping by. Time is shifting subtly fast and folks are caught up ... in realizing it. Thank you for the link too!

thetarotman said...

Wow! Gwen, thank you for this article, and for helping me place my next order. I definitely want one of each, and please ship them to me, as soon as Celestially possible. If you have any other questions, call or Email. Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Hello Robert! Ta for stopping by! Glad you like!