Saturday, November 7, 2009

Social Depression; tackling it ESSENTIALLY.

Fuck the pharmaceutical companies, anyway. Are you really willing to be beholding to a pill? You know you'll have to give it up sooner or later. Or, suffer the considerable consequences. So, what's the 'natural' way to combat the very natural cycle of depression?   First... you might recognize that everyone gets depressed. It's a natural cycle in personal growth and it too, provides the elements of your personal authenticity. You can naturally look for ways to bring yourself out of it. Like; snap outta it!

It's a fact... society is suffering in greater numbers right now (with depression) and consuming the drugs they have been sold (mostly on tv) to address it. Clinical depression is a serious phenomenon on the rise...there is no doubt that much of the world is experiencing Social Depression, on and off.   Do you think there is supposed to be a cure for depression outside of 'personal authenticity'?  We just might be meant to face it, climb up and out it's dark valleys and subterranean obsessions with "I can't, I won't, I'm not and I'm gone"...respectively. While a smaller number of people are 'clinicly depressed', when we face our lives without care for consequence or the inspiration to rise above the consistent blues... we are making a personal choice. I am not addressing severe mental illness, here. Those warrens of self destruct are not what I am plodding through... when you just can't face it; you must seek help.  Call a friend you trust and confess to it, from there its so much less frightening to haul yourself into a clinic or center where help waits for you and simply ask for it.

In the meantime:  Daily doses of fragrant care can help the blues!

Ive saying this since god was a puppy!  When you find yourself struggling to get up in the morning you have fragrant help:  Lemongrass or white grapefruit will shift your mood considerably.  A drop or two in your hand and warm water... splash it on!  You'll feel loads better!  When you are facing a world of hurry, filled with the details of clarity; lemongrass is a handy helper.  White grapefruit essential oil from south Florida is an excellent detoxifier and pick me up all at once.  If the problem is lethargy due to a less than healthy lifestyle, white grapefruit can provide a tonic for a time... but lets face it, you have to care for yourself to feel good!  Lots of water and good, crisp, healthy dining will go a long way in creating a happier morning you!

Heavy heavy negative vibes in the workplace?  Here's some scentual tips: sharp, green scents like mugwort, sages, sweet marjoram, all combine well with blue tansy or yarrow flower (blue milfoil) and create a blend of sweet distraction from negativity while giving focus and follow through a chance.  Busting a wall of discontent or misunderstanding should be addressed personally, yet; it isn't always the path you can take in the moment when you are in a work environment.  Having a fragrant helper eases  and penetrates the distraction of negativity!

Soothing the day away?  Looking for pleasure?  BATHE!  and use essential oils to manifest your needs!   7 to 12 drops in a steaming hot bath can go to the cosmos and back in shifting your mood and body.  Ylang ylang extra essential oil is an exotic tonic perfect for releasing the day!  (remember to purchase ylang ylang extra / not complete nor 1 or 2 grades... they just won't hit the right fragrance notes for you!)

There is a perfect choice for sweet dreams!  Did you know?  It's a surprising combination, but it's ancient and revered: take a clean, breathable cloth and a large pinch of mugwort with fresh rose petals (a pastel color is best on the petals!) and add a drop of clary sage, a few drops of jasmine and another drop of myrtle.  Take a white ribbon and tie it into a sachet to place beneath your pillow.  Sweet dreams!

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