Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th essential relief or boost...

Every Georgian year has a Friday the 13th.  This year is one of those 3-be years' in which Friday the 13th's magic must establish the threefold foundation!  (Next year to have 3?  2012!  Really, did you have no clue?) Bad luck or disaster is said to inhabit both Friday and 13, hence the double bad doo on Friday the 13th.  My own mom used to warn 'never do business or travel on a Friday!'  Yeah, well, she too, broke that rule.  Thank the Canterbury Tales for that one.   13 is said to ruin the completeness of the number 12.  12 being a completeness in many cultures re: religion and folklore, like 12 apostles, 12 constellations, 12 Gods on Olympus, or the story of poor Balder.    The Byzantine Empire collapsed on Tuesday the 13th and it's Tuesday the 13th that some cultures shun. 

It isn't incomplete in quantum physics, but I digress.   It is dynamic to the Maya calendar; T'zolkin! is the completion of the time sequence on Winter Solstice, 2012. 

The most auspicious (and modern) Friday the 13th concerns "The Church" (or Vatican) and the Knights Templar:  In order to sweep up the vast wealth and land holdings of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ - and the Temple of Solomon (Knights Templar in short), King Phillip VI of France conjured a conspiracy with Pope Clement V of heretic behavior and betrayal by the Knights in order to obtain their lands and wealth.  The plot was 'hatched' on a Friday the 13th when then Grand Master Jacquecs de Morlay and Templars at large were arrested by the Inquisition and tortured to confession and then, of course, burned at the stake.  Typical!  [BTW, 2001 a curate in the Secret Vatican Archives "found" a mis-filed document that absolved the complete order of any heracy or sin, but they had been disbanded by Clement and what was left of their properties were given to the Hospitaliers.]   In fact, it's the usurping by Christianity (in the guise of the Vatican...not the Gnostics or Cathars or any of the other peaceable co-existing 'Christians' with the pagan communities) of the pagan forebearers where the nastiness, bad luck and fear over Friday the 13th began.  For the pagan community 13 was a number of nature, a naturally occurring number in phenomenon like the lunar cycle.  It is a very intimate Goddess numeral also.  

Essential remedies for the phobia and to perhaps penetrate the jiggy energies / resonance of Friday the 13th are suggested below.   

Heightened extra sensual acuity:  mugwort, ylang ylang, nutmeg, clary sage, juniper and holy basil.

Calming, soothing & fearlessness:  myrrh, oregano, liquidamber, elder, birch and rose geranium.

Dismissive & self assured (transcending the phobia / fear):  frankincense, lily of the valley, jasmine and cedar leaf.

Stay steady!  :-) 

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