Saturday, January 16, 2010

the scents of comfort & restoration ... bless all on Haiti!

I blend to create a quality of mind.   I haven't ever thought to blend to inspire a quality of heart... though in the last few days, it has crossed my intention mind.  The heart is as spontaneous as the action of fragrance itself, passing all usual human hesitations and delivering intimate recognition to the individual for cataloging.  On Monday of this week we went to see AVATAR, the movie.  It was a wonderful story, spectacular special effects and a moving reminder of how humanity seems to easily seek profit and greed over sanctity and the human gift of kindness.   All other forms of life naturally express what can be interpreted as a kindness, humanity has to dance with it.  Karma / Dharma - bullshit.  It's out of hand!
That day, the one when we saw this extraordinary movie, an earthquake stuck our island neighbors in Haiti.  It is being considered probable one of, if not, the worst ever, in human history.  These are our brothers and sisters, our neighbors.  Really, the compassion of America has shown very brightly during the last week... I feel deeply proud of us.
And yet still, frantic pleas for help issue forth electronically from Haiti... tweets, FaceBook posts...

Haiti's largest contribution to the essential oil market is it's incomparable vanillia absolute and CO2 expressed oil, the luscious vertiver root essential oil that no other can compare to  and the amyris or West Indie Sandalwood.   Haiti's official, state religion is Voudoun or voodoo, an amalgamated religion blending the Yoruban spiritual traditions with Catholicism through generations of shadowing their adoration of the cosmic principles of life behind specific saints.   There is a great deal more to the healing practice of voudoun than this, but the colorful approach to expressing an inner resolve to heal and be free that is the standard Haitian spirituality uses many sweet, earthy and provocative scents. 

To comfort: fetid and fertile; patchouli, vanillia, vetiver and jasmine with a touch of blue tansy!  Underneath the bouquet its' tart and inviting with an overall floral sweetness based in rich loamy earth scentuality.  Something to soothe the heart
To restore: the musky foundation of ambrette seed absolute (Hibiscus) combined with vetiver root, intoxicating ylang ylang all based in exotic amyris sandalwood.  Something to hold the heart.
To heal the body and cleanse the air: sages are always a good start!  Artemisa's grow throughout Hispaniola.  Blending juniper with tea tree (mangrove) and eucalyptus keeps virus and sickness from spreading as opens the lungs to invigorate the organs. Something to clear the heart!

Daughters of Isis' YaYa Queens Fragrant Ebo's express the fragrances of voudoun.  Primarily based in Haitian essential oils, these mists and oils are the fragrant reflection of the Loa.

Bayou St. John (oil & mist) combines vetiver, cassia, dark, sweet coconut, juniper, spikenard, oakmoss, patchouli and few drops of musk.   A scent of house blessings, protection and self empowerment.
Africa (mist) scentually asks you to journey to the Mother lands: strong breathy cedar leaf, spicy clove bud and bay leaf, the delicacy of a rose set into a base of amyris sandalwood.   A flinty, spicy warmth of scent.
The Caribbean (mist) is transformative!  Sweet and alluring combining the scent of peach with lily of the valley and white grapefruit!

To give you a better idea of our collection:
Evening Queen Oil transports you, exotically!
Psychic Oil is a traditional scent including yarrow flower and lemongrass.
Double John Oil a power booster!  Amyris, spikenard, patchouli, oakmoss, galangal, high john and tuberose.
Lucky Mojo Oil is a prosperous and inviting scent.  An incredible lime with deep coconut and bay.
UNCROSSING Oil:  A soft penetrating reassurance and fragrant guardian to shove nastiness aside, the neroli blossom, lavender flower and intoxicating nutmeg.
Olde Van Van Oil:  vetiver, vervain and lemongrass, benzoin and yarrow flower. 

These are just a few of the YaYa Queen's Ebo's ... call me if you would like to know more! 
Daughters of Isis, inc: 646 202 1889   and ask for the blender!

Complete collection: YaYa Queen's Fragrant Ebo's - 5ml bottle $10.00 ea

Fast $ Oil
Psychic Oil
Addimu Sweet Oil
Pure Love Oil
Divination Oil
Double John Oil
Uncrossing Oil
Lucky Mojo Ol
Bawon Semidi Oil
Dreaming Oil
Bayou St. John Oil
Black Cat Bone Oil
Evening Queen Oil
Olde Van Van Oil
Caribbean Sandalwood


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