Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween - All Souls; the scents of the season!

When I think of All Souls, Samhain, the Day of the Dead or Halloween (!) there are so many scents that fill our senses!  Shall we go about this by 'feel'?   
The first place we go is into the kitchen! 
Spices -  
Cassia or cinnamon - what does it evoke generally?  I prefer cassia, in essential oil.  It clarifies a moment by bringing up your attention and uplifts!  It will also stimulate your immune system, at the perfect time of year for sniffle starts.  Cinnamon leaf essential oil is lighter, brighter less reactive to the skin and can be used in your pot pourri with a lighter touch.   
Ginger! - what does it invite?  Ginger settles and comforts with warmth.  As an incredible digestive raw, the essential oil can clear the atmosphere / environment and particularly any kind of disharmony.  It warms the conversation and softly tells the heart to accept.  
Allspice - the hot n' tot inviting frivolity and fertility!  Along with Clove Bud, it will perk things up, invite friendship and aid in uplifting the environment.  Together they make a couple, she (allspice) with her sense of humor and he (clove bud) with his relieving strength. 
Vanilla - the power of the past and a confidence in the moment all in one!  Mom's cooking, the sweetness of yesterday encouraging the present and just general all round power booster.  

Woods and plants - 
Cedarwood -  A warm wood!  This is the foundation, cedarwood brings balance and protective sensual awareness.   Often used to invite Ancestor spirit, cedar teaches us to hold on to the Earth Mother with respect and awe. 
Amber - brings that 'presence of place and time' into the room with a quality of memories to be kept.  Serene and unifying.  Magical and protective through the night. 
Vetiver - the grounding and wise scent of the grasses.  Full, rich and prosperous, vetiver compliments all the seasonal scents with inner awareness, the closeness of dreams and guidance.  
Oakmoss - Did you know the very earthy scent of oakmoss draws the Angels near?  Bet you didn't!  It gives them a sensual anchor to cling to!  It's magically insistent on a sense level, asking you to allow and accept in the moment.  As with all the seasonal scents, it compliments perfectly!  

Fruits -
Tangerine -  Did you know that the scent of a tangerine, especially during winter, can invite calm sleep?  Its a sedative tonic.  Among it's many properties it magically invites the spirits and sprites of the season to join you and bring their merriment with them.  Throwing your tangerine peels outside for them is a treat, one that will keep the tp-ing and egging to a minimum!  And it smells so refreshing!  
Green Apples!  - Prosperous, anti-addictive encouragement and the last visit of the Green Man, old Herne stopping by before retreating for winter.  Doesn't the smell of apples cooking with spices take you 'home'?  Any home, any where, at any time.  Timeless, that's the apple.  

Those are the Traditional scents of All Souls, All Hallows or Halloween.  Here are just a couple from Daughters of Isis for your ritual and celebrations. 

During the traditional time of 
Parting the Veil - a unique blending of over 30 EOs.  Prime are sandalwood, rose geranium, patchouli, lavender, oakmoss, honeysuckle, hyssop and green spikenard to name a few.  The flower essences of Dittany of Crete, Astral Initiator, Azurite and Sweetgrass compliment.  ON SALE this month for you!

Owl Medicine - a nighteagle blend of violet leaf, patchouli, vanilla, bay, vetiver and rose attar.  ON SALE this month!

Our Ancestors> Magickal Kids' spray! - inviting our children to take the magical, imaginative journey with our Ancestors; preparing for ceremonies, creating a prayerful bridge, celebrating! Infusing nature and the land to evoke the past with the present, African blue sage, Bulgarian lavender abs, French lavender, foin coupe' (hay) and sweet marjoram.  

Happy Halloween!

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