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O the ALLERGIES!!!! Combat Sinusitis / Colds & Flu with Essential Oils.

So, here we are in the deep south as the seasons change with the challenge of sinus allergies... pollen counts, dust ups across the flatlands from out west and the Gulf or Atlantic oceans.   When sinus troubles happen for me, I am always way behind it, I didn't actually have any problems with 'allergies' until I was 30!  So, here I sit again with a bit of heavy head getting out my netty pot and mixing essential oils to remedy my affliction.  Vaporizing works too!  Even if you're just using a small tea light burner.  To the point: what essential oils work best to remedy the sinus infection?   Let's go green.  

#1 savior for me?  OREGANO

Healthy benefits of oregano?  It's antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti INFLAMMATORY, a digestive and anti ALLERGENIC.   Did you know that the Greeks used it to preserve and protect food stuffs?  It assists in curing skin wounds, too.  It grows in higher altitudes, that's how it claimed the name "oregano" which translates from the Greek as 'delight of the mountains'.  A few drops of oregano essential oil in your EO mix for sinusitis will do a Herculean job! 

#2 recommendation?   Breath! EUCALYPTUS! 

Benefits?  It's an anti-inflamatory, decongestant, anti-bacterial and breath inviting miracle of scent and property.  So many uses!  Primarily it's all of the above + it gives breath.  Evergreen, the eucalyptus trees are slightly different in each locale.  The most elegant bouquet, in my own opinion, comes from the Australian blue gum... a cooling, refreshing breeze of aromatic that elevates mental exhaustion while bringing deeper breath and respitory relief. It surely does increase blood flow upstairs.  I use it as a topical application... it has been used thus since ancient remedy to combat TB - consumption and pneumonia. With a bit of tea tree or juniperberry, vaporizing and topical applications  can bring healing.  Try some of our "Lyptus Breeze" from the Medicine Oils collection!  Lyptus Breeze contains EOs of blue eucalyptus and tea tree... curtesy of our friends 'Down under'. Vaporizing Lyptus Breeze in the sick room assist the remedy of flus and colds throughout the cold season, safely.  

#3 recommendation?  LAVENDER (I use a 'cold' lavender - Bulgarian) 
Relaxing, clear and comforting... lavender essential oil is remedy for much.  In the cold and flu season it's physically 'washing' properties confront and help heal asthma, bronchitis, sore throat and provide assistance for anti-bacterial symptoms.  I don't 'blend' the lavender oil, I mix it with a macerated 'green lavender' (the leaves of the lavender plant, fresh cut) while the essential oil provides a stability useful for topical applications.   The stimulant nature of lavender opens up congestion, helps to release the build up of phlegm and speeds your recovery.  Try our unique Green Lavender oil from the Medicine Oils collection!  

#4 recommendation?  TEA TREE (of course!)  

Tea Tree, melaleuca alternifolia, has achieved the 'big boy' on the block in essential oil healing circles.  A deserved rep!  Another of the Australian plant miracles', it's qualities and properties can't be argued with.  The ancients considered it a cure all.  It will effectively work to heal nearly every topical aliment.  Nearly ANY malady you name can benefit by applying Tea Tree.  Though, I'm not too fond of it's aromatic qualities, I reach for it nearly always. Working on aromatherapy qualifications in the UK I detected it's aromatics nearly everywhere I went.  The use of homeopathy and Tea Tree can be safely said to be the 'go to' of British healers, alternative and allopathic.  -I mention this because the long traditions and applications of natural remedies in western Europe that have kept them from combating so much of the curing 'wall' that American phrama has produced with the over prescribing of antibiotics.-  Tea Tree is bang! in curative applications.  It's properties are boundless ... reach for it in any need.   Our Lyptus Breeze is half full of Tea Tree.  Excellent remedy for cold, flu or worse.  

#5 recommendation?  Wild ROSEMARY.  
Rosemary is the first of the 'mints' I will work with in respiratory aliments.  Why?  Perhaps it's the ceremonial traditions of it, or the wisdom of Paracelsus who found it to be an all around body / physical strengthener... builder.   He found it (and we have consequently affirmed) that it has the ability to heal internal organs with lasting success.  Indigestion, beauty aid, mouth medicine, mental acuity, stress reduction, immune boosting.... rosemary gets to work.  Combining it's overall properties including pain reduction and respiratory relief, rosemary is just a no brainer to add to the mix.  And it smells so clean and crisp!  It will particularly work on your allergy troubles.  One of our most popular formulas' in the Medicine Oil collection is Dream Lodge, a blend of armoise (mugwort), basil, wild chamomile and lots of wild rosemary!  

#6 recommendation?  THYME!
Why Thyme?  Listen, when you formulate a blend to assist in healing you will desire to found your oils with strength and longevity.  Thyme brings both to the blend.   It can work to keep the properties of stimulant oils in check; carminative, diuretic, expectorant, tonic, vermifuge substance (or kills any critters taking up residence within... ya follow?).   It eases the body during flu, being an excellent antirheumatic.  It's antispasmodic and helps if you have a persistent cough.  It's a tonic!  Calms the heart.  And it's been a general remedy among many cultures for respiratory aliments.   

#7 recommendation?  PEPPERMINT! (did you think I'd forgot?) 
So, you have a headache?  A few drops of peppermint blended with lavender might relieve you.  Peppermint is actually a cross between spearmint and watermint coming from Europe.  It is known as the world's oldest medicine!  As well as the maker of the truly decent mojito!  Indigestion?  Mint tea, as in peppermint!  Bad breath? Peppermint since the Greeks wore sandals.  Have a nail fungus? Peppermint.  Got nausea? Yes, peppermint.  Stressed?!!!  Make a cup of tea.  Peppermint.  Boosts the immune system, reduces pain, prompts your circulation, livens up your skin and helps you to Breath!  Peppermint is your can do prescription.   

Those are my remedy herbes for the allergy, cold and flu season. Below are formulas for assistance with your netty pot, vaporizer and or application topical.  Always remember to skin test your essential oils!  These are MEDICINES and need to be respected and used with care and caution! 

Netty Pot-ting.
3 drops of Oregano
2 drops of Thyme
2 drops of Eucalyptus
3 drops of Tea Tree
Combined; use 2-3 drops in your full netty pot! 

Netty 2
3 drops of Peppermint
2 drops Oregano
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops of Tea Tree
Combined; use 2-3 drops in your full netty pot. 

Vaporizing agent
4 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Thyme
5 drops Eucalyptus

Vapor 2 - flu recovery
4 drops of Eucalyptus 
6 drops Tea Tree 
3 drops Peppermint
3 drops Oregano 

Topical applications for allergy, cold & flu
1oz carrier oil (I suggest organic grapeseed or sweet almond oil)
6 drops Oregano
9 drops Rosemary
6 drops Tea Tree
7 drops Eucalyptus

You can make shift your own aromatic appeal.  We tend to push away what smells too medicinal or sharp.  I would use small amounts of oil... drops per 1oz to begin with.  None of these essential oils are difficult to find or overly expensive.   Keep your good health!  Share it with others.  
We are One!   

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