Saturday, December 1, 2012

The end of the Xilbalba Be Road.

In 1991 my being-ness began to expand beyond what I had thought 'real'. 
Debbie and I opened Daughters of Isis in Pompano Beach FL after touring most of the western European New Age and 'spiritual' shops in existence at the time.  For myself, I was trying to 'catch up' with Harmonic Convergence and what this Maya calendrical data was offering planet Earth in whole systems evolution.  I was diligently working through my first reading of "The Mayan Factor" by Arguelles.  Barbara Marciniak had channeled the P's with her-their mind blowing "Bringers of the Dawn",  awakening us to the awareness that we had been recruited to consciously assist the next evolutionary phase of humanity and Panchamama / Gaia.  It was all part of the vital midwifery of new consciousness that began through Barbara Hand and Gerry Clow at Bear & Co. booksellers.  I sold more of their label than any other publisher from 91 through 02.  Bear rocked!  Rocked us, too.  Mrs. Clow's own P's installment in '95 with "The Pleiadian Agenda" came along to zoom us while an endless spill of new information, new connection to multiple dimensions and reclamation of ancient lessons soaked us to the soul.

Large and phenomenal at the time was the concept of a planetary consciousness. 
It has served me well to remain within an As Above, So Below guidance.  It's my conformation resource.  So, for every declaration or prognostication of what was to come, I used that as my resource for truth.  It serves me pretty well, in the conclusions.  Reaching them?  Hey, it's part of the reason for being.  So, we reached out through collective unconsious of our Ancestors.  In my third reading through of The Mayan Factor it hit me again, Jose's claim that 'houses of sensuality' or houses dedicated to realigning our sensual awareness to expand from the Seen to the Unseen was a personal guidance.  When I coupled this brilliant guidance with the stories and making ways given to me by my own guides... well, Daughters of Isis began to go through a metamorphosis ... from the little witch shop into the a space for realizing and making the sensual tools that would help us usher in this incredible New Age.   The Ancestors had given us many tools to work with ... myth held them fast while nature preserved their sensuality.   The Maya T'zolking Oils from Daughters of Isis.

The Planetary Consciousness.
We got it.  You're here, NOW.  You follow?  Global Revolution and Awakening is happening via... our planetary consciousness.  As Above, So Below...  and while the consciousness of the planet vibrates stronger than ever in the lightbody of the planet / Van Ellen belts / it's manifest form is giving me the vehicle for posting this.   Internet.  Technology, as Mrs Clow kept telling us in the P Agenda, reflects our awakening consciousness from the physical into the multidimensional. It has been since Tesla introduced electric light....before industrialization we were in darkness, with natural or small light to guide us through it.  Our consciousness reflected that regressive tendency, to pull away as the dark approached.  Once gas and then the quick jump to electric lighting surrounded and warmed us through the nature of darkness, we began to expand ourselves.  Information IS light.  We learn this in great leaps now, with a wider understanding of quantum and string theory physics.  On the cosmic level we are approaching the light at the end of the a birth canal, the 'dark rift' of the Milky Way.  Where we have expanded into a planetary consciousness, now we are challenged to reach out for our galactic or cosmic consciousness.  All the tools we need to do it are made manifest now.  INFORMATION IS THE CURRENCY OF OUR NEW AGE.   Adjusting to and working through the heliocosm is our beginning.

The Galactic Mind - Cosmic Consciousness.
This is where we will be in a few short weeks.   December 24th, 2012, at the end of the Xibalba Be Road where the Crocodile Tree spreads across it.  This is the crossing point of the ecliptic over the Band of the Milky Way, as John Major Jenkins determined, a moment that each of our Ancestor cultures' noted with prognostication: an end of time.  The Beginning of Time.  It culminates a 26,000 year passage of our solar system through each of the successive constellations of our zodiac and has returned to the beginning: Aquarius.  An astrological 'great year' has been completed... there can be no denying that!  We are experiencing another Precession of the Equinoxes.  Under the Crocodile Tree is as good a place as any to do the photon band mambo.  This is it; time to reframe your vision of life and how you actually "see" it.  You see your world everyday, most of the day in your minds' eye.  What you have on your mind is still essentially where you are in your world.  Can we agree?  So, where as a child, I once saw myself as a bloody pirate sailing alongside Captain Blood, I evolved my sight to wheels that carried me around town and along A1A.  Then wheels carried me up and down the coastline of the country.  Eventually wings took me across the oceans.  I 'see' in terms of motion and travel.  How about you?  This helped me with global vision... that and the pictures of Panchamama from space.   Next time you think to heal that person you see in pain across the street, extend it out into every street in your city, town or village.  When you go to bed each night and Light the world, the global grid, extend it out across the complete heliocosm and around every planet in our neighborhood.  And then beyond right into the "heart of heaven"... to Hunab Ku, the one giver of movement and measure in our galaxy: the black hole center.  HOOK UP TO IT!  Penetrate the Galactic Mind!  In all of your visualizations for healing, manifesting your desires, looking to 'see' what is coming or honestly going... do it from the cosmic, Galactic perspective.  SHIFT THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PLANET INTO THE COSMOS.

*In assisting you with your personal evolution and challenges or desires Daughters of Isis offers you:
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It's a cosmic Merry Christmas.  
Happy Galactic Yuletide my friends.

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